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History have proof to us that the economic recessions and depressions have always produced enermous opportunity for people willing to ignore the nevativity.

People choose to live in financial chaos and they have no idea that they can choose a different path. Some just hate the fact that they are in a job that they hate. Some are still searching and kept focusing on only one avenue thinking that that is the only options. Discover more options that can brings you to your dream life.

Attracting money requires inspired action and total focus. These can't be pushed aside or compromised. No good read, good idol that can make it happen, only you can take the action for you. No one else. Other people can just help or hope, but you can't expect much from them, but you can always expect more from yourself.

A problem to one person maybe a blessing to another. It depends on your intention - which direct your perspective.

When you face a challenge in your life, it's only because you weren't accepting what you have and are focused on what you want, with a feeling of lack or even desperation. Once you have achieve that acceptance phase, you will come to understand that whatever shortcoming or lacking that you experience in your life, that doesn't really kills you, it's just a phase. As I always said to myself, as long as you have cloth on your back, roof above your head, and food to eat, that too are blessing. We just found it easy to look pass that. Or in other word, count your blessing, but in the same time, shoot for the stars. So that there'll be more blessing that you can count and the better you realize that your life is a total blessing from the divine.

The idea that money is in the mind highlights the fact that what you feel, think and know about money determines your ability to attract it.

Attracting money is not about getting lucky. It's not about the perfect once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It's an understanding of how money works and what attracts money to you versusu what repels it. For us to achieve more money, we need to first understand about the flow of money. We need to understand that money is constantly flowing in our daily lives, but are we aligning ourselves in that flow or are we surrounding ourselves with things/activity/attitude that repels ourselves from the flow? Once we understand how the money works and how to get into the flow, money will comes in handy in no time and without we noticing them.

Remember, you will attract money in alignment with you mindset. If your mindset said to you that you can only attract money by working 9-5 job, then that is what you going to get, A 9-5 job. But if your mindset tells you that you will attract more money if you do business, that that is where the money will comes to you. But first, align your mindset and be firm about it/

Understanding this is easy, but how to put it into action?

Now start with these severel steps:


1. Write down what you beliefs about money.

2. Ask yourself if those belief serve you or stop you in attracting money.

3. What are FIVE positive reasons for you to want to attract more money now?

4. Write down a problem or current complaint you have.

5. Write out a way to turn that problem or complaint into a product or service.

This is Matt Ashkeroth
It's 2013. Im doing these now, so lets!

**credits to Dr. Joe Vitale - author of Attract Money Now


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